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            CONTANT US

            Welcome to contact with us and we will be dedicated to provide service. Pls scan the left QR code to follow the official public account.

            Zhejiang JinhuaFriendship IndustryCo.,Ltd
            Address::Kang Ji Street, Jin Dong New Urban, Jinhua,Zhejiang,China.
            • Zip code:321002
            • TEL:400-8032-550
            • FAX:86-579-82158912
            • EMAIL:sales02@jhyouyi.com
            • WEBSITE::http://www.tznwjx.com/
            • Foreign trade departments one:
            • contact: Elina、Shirley
            • Tel:86-579-82158909、86-579-82158945
            • Mobile:86-13586996087、86-13588658084
            • Foreign trade departments two:
            • contact: Lisa Shao
            • Tel:86-579-82158940
            • Email:lisa@jhyouyi.com
            • Mobile:86-13750981152

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